Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

Golden House provides a meticulous and tailored one of deep cleaning to suit the needs of every customer, our dedicated team will ensure that the cleaning is carried out to the highest standards and ensure customer satisfaction

Depending on your cleaning priorities, the team can cover the following areas:

Reception room: Removing cobwebs, Polishing all door handles, Dusting all surfaces, Polishing windows, Clean internal windows frames and seals, Vacuuming and mopping the floor, Wiping skirting boards, Clean light switch, Clean radiators

Kitchen: Polishing all countertops, Descaling sinks, Clean in and outside kitchen cupboards (if empty), Vacuum and mop the floor, Cleaning the oven in and outside, Clean the fridge in and outside (if empty), Wiping skirting boards, Clean light switch, Clean radiators, Clean internal window frames and seals and all kitchen appliances, Polishing all door handles.

Hallway: Dusting woodwork, Wiping skirting boards, Vacuum and mop the floor, Polishing all door handles, Clean radiator, Clean furniture.

Dusting lampshades, Wiping pictures, Scrubbing light switches, Cleaning wardrobes, Polishing all door handles, Clean internal window frames and seals, Vacuum and mop the floor.

Polishing mirrors, Descaling sinks, Tile scrubbing, Cleaning all cabinets, Descaling shower, Descaling toilet bowl, Clean build-up mould, Vacuum and mop the floor.

External window clean can be included on this service. Parking and congestion charges are not included in the price.

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Our experienced and dedicated cleaners work with unmatched passion and determination to remove the toughest stains from your property, sanitise all surfaces and leave your place shining.

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We’re fully equipped to give any house a squeaky-clean fresh start.
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We ensure shared spaces are clean and healthy for all residents.
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We provide top-of-the-class cleaning services for homes of all sizes.
Carpet Deep Cleaning
We thoroughly clean your carpets and upholstery for a healthier home.
Deep Cleaning
We’re specialised in meticulous room-by-room cleaning services.
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We deliver spotless experiences at offices, gyms and more

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